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Life Is About Change

Life is about change. If things didn't constantly change, I believe we would all be bored and who wants to be bored? With change comes excitement, sometimes uncertainty, exhilaration and sometimes we might feel uneasy or afraid. What I have learned is that everything is going to be alright and it all works out in the end even if we don't know how it is going to play out.

Our changes this is bittersweet that we say Good Bye to the Crown Reef Beach Resort. It has been a great home for our sandbox for the last 3 seasons and we were blessed beyond belief to have worked with great people and have wonderful customers.

We will still be in Myrtle Beach, but have downsized to 2 resorts at this point. We will be located at the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach and at Grande Cayman Resort (formerly known as Long Bay Resort). Having these 2 resorts will allow Steve and I to work together again. It will also allow Steve to offer and become proficient with his Hand Castings. We are very excited to bring this added art to our customers.

Finally, we are looking forward to working other events such as the 20 events that will be held at the Tanger Outlet in North Myrtle Beach throughout the summer. We will be working with a summer camp along with some other special events that we have been hired for entertainment.

Here is to looking to the future with energy and excitement! Happy 2020 Everyone - We look forward to seeing many familiar faces again along with meeting new people.

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