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Special People

Hello Lovely People,

I'm not sure if anyone is following me or not, but I began this blog to really share my experiences in our sandbox. We meet so many interesting people who are creative, fun and full of life. I guess that is why I truly love what I do. I don't even consider it a job - it is a full - time - experience.

Today, I met, Toni, who is from Cincinnati, OH. She has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. I truly loved her creative talent - the picture you see is the seahorse that she decorated in our sandbox today. She also decorated a smaller - ornament size seahorse and a candle holder which is not shown.

The funny thing is that I love to be busy the entire time that I am set up at one of our sandboxes. Today was a bit slow - so I was kind of looking for things to keep me busy. Toni was one of the first people in the sandbox today. She was very precise in her choices of decorations and took her time in creating a wonderful piece of artwork. I try to ask where people are from, sometimes I have the time to do so, but sometimes I do not. Unfortunately - that is almost all of the information I find out about our guests. As I mentioned, today was a bit slower than usual which was kind of nice because I was able to meet someone truly exceptional today. How often have you met a telephone operator? This is something that has been non-existent for many many years. I am coming up on 52 this year and this is a distant memory for me. I remember Lily Tomlin on the show, "Laugh In" as the telephone operator - Yes, this really did exist. When you made a call, there was an operator on the other end that literally had to connect you. She said she later went on to do the layouts for future telephone poles - can you imagine? We live in a world now where these things are never even thought of anymore. So what a joy to meet Toni and learn of a small life experience.

I just love what I do and I hope that you enjoyed this experience as much as I did today!

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