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1st Place in Show

1st Place in Show

We are so grateful to have been a part of this awesome Travel Trade Show put on by the American Bus Association. It was located in Louisville, KY this year. Steve and I had the opportunity to represent Visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With the expert experience from Jessica Cutler with Envents our booth was the talk of the show. The food, the sand sculpture (created by Bill and Marianne Knight with The Sand Lovers) and our sand box experience had the attendees asking for more. Each person that visited our booth was able to create their own personalized beach art - they could choose a heart, a flip flop, a star fish or a cute crab. If they were unable to take the time, everyone was offered one of our pre-made mini star fish to take with them. There were some people so excited, they came back to do another piece.

We would just like to again give special Thanks to Jessica Cutler with Envents for thinking of us and for Sandy Haines with Visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for having us!

Our set up at the Trade Show

Attendees creating their pieces.

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