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About Us

Happy Owners and Artists

Gina McVey & Steve Gerstenberger

While on a girl's weekend, Gina and her friends came across this sandbox experience. It was something that none of them had seen before. She and her friends became intrigued and engaged in creating their own memorable beach souvenir that each still treasure from their special weekend. It was so much fun! 

Ironically, Gina and Steve had been doing some sole searching.  They had both run successful businesses in the past.  The kids were now grown.  It was time to have a little fun and make some positive changes in their lives and career goals. After further investigation, they found they could have and run their own business creating fun memories for others.

Since 2014, they have worked in resorts, traveled for tradeshows, provided entertainment for corporate events, brought fun to summer camps and schools.  They have met and interacted with so many wonderful people – it isn’t a job – its FUN!

Our Charities:

Steve and I have been very blessed in our lives.  Even though we are no longer working at our resorts, we still look for any way to support our community where we can.  Here are a few charities that we hold dear:

Elaine Roberts Foundation - Let's heal and find a cure for Childhood Cancer


Kind Keeper No-Kill Animal Shelter  - Not for Profit - Not for Killing

Champion Autism Network -  Let's raise Autism awareness, reduce criticism and judgment and help families.

I'm sure any of these charities would greatly appreciate your support.  Together we can create a better future!

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