While on a girl's weekend to Daytona Beach, Gina and her friends came across a"Magic Milk Island Art" sandbox. This was something that none of them had seen before. She and her friends became intrigued and engaged in the sandbox experience. It was so much fun! They each used their own hand print and created a memorable beach souvenir that each still treasure from their special weekend.

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About Us

Happy Owners,

Gina McVey & Steve Gerstenberger

About a year and a half later, Gina was again in Daytona Beach with one of her friends who had share in the sandbox experience.  They remembered the fun they had creating their own beach sand art.  Gina jokingly said to her friend, "I think that is what I would like to do someday....Have a sandbox kiosk set up on the beach!"


Ironically, Gina and Steve had been doing some sole searching.  They had both run successful businesses in the past.  The kids were now grown.  It was time to have a little fun and make some positive changes in their lives and career goals.  The love of the water, the beach and the salt air was a driving force for future change, but what could they do together that would get them closer to the beach?



Gina remembered a business card that had been given to her from the "Magic Milk Island Art" representative and pulled it out.  She told Steve, "This is probably a crazy idea, but what do you think about this?" They went to the website and within minutes became very excited about the possibilities.  The next day, they met with Ashley Willis, the owner of "Magic Milk Island Art" , and became the proud owners of "Creations from the Sand".


Steve and Gina are beginning their 6th season of working in their sandbox and still love every minute of it.  It doesn't feel like a job! Every day they get to meet and work with fun people who enjoy creating their special beach memory.

Our Charities:

Steve and I have been very blessed in our lives.  As a way for us to give back, we have chosen 3 charities  to work with this 2020 season.  For each Ribbon, Dog Bone and Puzzle Piece that guests create in our sandbox, we will donate $1.00 for our charities.

This years' Charities are:

Elaine Roberts Foundation - Let's heal and find a cure for Childhood Cancer


Kind Keeper No-Kill Animal Shelter  - Not for Profit - Not for Killing

Champion Autism Network -  Let's raise Autism awareness, reduce criticism and judgment and help families.

I'm sure any of these charities would greatly appreciate your support.  Together we can create a better future!