Begin with choosing your mold.  Then let your ideas and imagination flow by choosing from a wide selection of treasures including various shells, sea glass, and jewels to create your masterpiece in the sand.

How it Works

The mold you have chosen is pressed into the sand.  This is where you become the artist for your "Creation from the Sand" by placing your treasures into the sand.

decorated imprint.jpg

A "Creations from the Sand" expert will then pour the patented "Magic Milk"  mixture onto the mold and let it set for 30 minutes. So go swimming, play on the beach or simply relax!

poured imprint.jpg

Once the "Magic Milk" is set, the piece is lifted from the sand, brushed off, cleaned and then rinsed to show the beauty of your creation.  Your beach are is then ready for you to take home! (All of our sand art pieces include a hook so they may easily be hung on the wall.)

IMG_2047 (Edited).JPG

Molds to Choose From:


* Star Fish

* Heart

* Flip Flop

* Dog Bone

* Crab

* Whale

* Ribbon

*Puzzle Piece

* Footprints

* Cross

* Butterfly

* Owl

* Lighthouse

* Hand-prints

* Dolphin

* Turtle

* Shark

* Pineapple

* Moon

* Candle Holder

* Ornaments

* Sea Horse


* Fish

* Picture Frame

* Love Sign

* Skull & Crossbones

* Sun 

* Plaques in various sizes and shapes


Prices range from $10 up to $70.00


…We are always open to new ideas!