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Creations from the Sand!
Where you are never too old to play in the sand!

We offer a unique Sandbox Experience - where art meets the sand.  Bring your creative juices and become a kid again by playing in our interactive sandbox at the beach OR we can bring a little bit of the beach to you. We will show you how to mix the sand, sun and fun like you have never experienced before. Whether it is interactive, retail or custom-made, we are the cutting edge of unique sand art creations.  Our Sandbox Experience is a great activity for birthday parties, special events, office team building, holiday parties, trade shows and summer camps.


Check out our video and see what fun you can have.  It's not just for kids! 

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A Unique Sandbox Experience - 

Unable to get to our sandbox?
We can  help you create that special, memorable, personalized gift!
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We take pride in our work! Share your ideas with our team; we will record your information and vision, help you pick colors and designs, then generate that special gift for you and ship it to wherever you would like (within the USA).

How can it get even better than that? Check out our Creative Corner for inspiration and ideas.

Where art meets the beach at fun-filled 

Myrtle Beach, SC Resorts!

Custom Orders!

Newest Creations:

We enjoy watching the creativity unfold with each person, young or old, every day at our beach-side locations, parties, special events and fundraisers. Take a look at what folks are creating with "Creations from the Sand"!

Picture Frame
Picture Frame

Picture Frame with the baby's footprint

Happy Family
Happy Family

Family plaque with the sister's footprints.

Looking for Treasures
Looking for Treasures

Customers looking for their treasures to decorate.

Our Customers Rave

Customers love to show off their creations. What can you create?

Create your own souvenir by choosing your design with one of our fun molds.  Then using your ideas and imagination choose from a wide selection of treasures including various sea shells, sea glass, charms, and jewels.   Once decorated, our special mixture is poured into the mold. Within 30 minutes your memorable beach art is ready. more >>>

Happy customers 4
Happy customers 4
Face Mask 1
Face Mask 1